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Visual tool to conduct privacy impact assessments, identify risks, implement privacy requirements, and demonstrate compliance


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MS Office tools were not made for privacy. Tick-box exercises can be quick to fill but they lack visuality and reporting capabilities.

When used carelessly, you leave your door open for enforcement actions.

Privacy can be complex. Have you visualized your data flows?

Often organisations are unaware of the full extent of their data flows. Complex data processing activities and data flows are hard to figure out without visualisation. Visualise your processing activities with PrivacyDesigner.

Most other tools are just glorified excels and lack big picture

You won’t be able to identify all the risks and compliance issues by just listing your assets and data processing activities. PrivacyDesigner helps you to understand how personal data is processed.

Is your door open for enforcement actions? Start identifying your compliance gaps and fix them.

Stop wasting time and money with unsuitable and inefficient tools. Get PrivacyDesigner now!

#1 tool to design privacy into your products and services

See what requirements are applicable and how to implement them

PrivacyDesigner’s built-in compliance engine shows you privacy requirements and risks relevant to your context. Automated privacy by design helps you to create privacy friendly

Understanding how personal data is processed is the only way to mitigate the real risks

PrivacyDesigner visualizes and breaks down complex processing activities which is crucial for understanding risks resulting from international data transfers to complicated roles and responsibilities.

Be ready to demonstrate compliance with a single click

PrivacyDesigner keeps perfect audit trail for you to demonstrate compliance and accountability for supervisory authorities and business partners. Print a report that shows which requirements have been implemented and how.

Involve all stakeholders to collaborate in privacy by design

Successful data protection impact assessment (DPIA) is not a one man show and requires input from multiple stakeholders. PrivacyDesigner makes it easy to invite relevant colleagues and third parties to ensure systematic and consistent documentation for accountability.

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