We make privacy risk assessments easy

Jane TolvanenJane TolvanenCEO
Ann–Marie SöderholmAnn–Marie SöderholmGeneral Counsel
Pekka LampeltoPekka LampeltoBusiness Director
Heikki TolvanenHeikki TolvanenChief Legal Engineer

Our Mission

To empower you to create more privacy-friendly products and services.

Our Vision

A world where privacy is considered in the design of all products and services.

Our Story

Our story began when we were in-house privacy professionals and realized that privacy risks often stem from the way data is processed. To ensure protection against privacy risks, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the data processing activities. That's why we developed a collaborative, visual software that makes abstract privacy requirements concrete and easily understandable.

Why Choose PrivacyDesigner?

PrivacyDesigner provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution to identify, assess, and address the risk factors associated with data processing activities and allows you to demonstrate your commitment to privacy accountability.

PrivacyDesigner is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to ensure that their data protection impacts are properly assessed and that their processing of personal data is proportional.

We invite you to become an early user!

We at PrivacyDesigner have been helping organisations to conduct risk assessments for various products and services. We are creating sample privacy impact assessments and data protection impact assessments for our customers where they can start their assessments with pre-mapped data-flows and sample risks related to different tools and products. Apply to our pilot group and start building privacy into your products and services.